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If you all get a drunk post.......

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Resurrection_Joe

    Resurrection_Joe 1 ton status

    Jan 9, 2002
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    Gettysburg, SD
    I get a crazy freethough post

    I was all in bitch mode tonight "FARUK! GET ME SOME YELLOW CHEESE!" "FARUK GET ME SOME ONIONS!" "FARUK TEXAS TOAST, NOW!" I was like "[censored] YOU TIM" and Tim says "HEY HERE'S THE SONG WHERE YOU [censored] SHEEP!" and I say "[censored] YOU TIM!" and then we sing songs like......

    Vicky was biker trash
    Until she came into some cash
    Moved on to Magnolia road
    And hired boys to shovel snow

    When they were done
    She'd invite them in
    Give them coco
    Full of gin

    Then she'd lay them down in bed
    Strip them clean and give them head
    Rop and roll all damn night
    Hug them close and hold them tight

    In the morning they would leave
    Drained like they're put through a sieve
    When they thought of what she'd done
    They had to admit it was a lot of fun

    AND (Here's one I hate to admit)


    RJ Whacked off with no regret
    He needed love he needed sex
    The sheep were gone the cows were to
    What else could a farm boy do?

    and then I said "[censored] YOU TIM"

    Anyway, Theresas sister called and was worried she was dead or something so I went over to her house to check and when I got there it was wierd. No lights, broken window!

    I think WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HERO RJ!!!!!!!!

    So I get into all mini mag light and shotgun mode, running around someones house, dog barking, and it turns out she was just like, pooping real bad or something


    I think it would be great to put a pack of cards in a pack of cigarettes and get all uppity and when people smoke they could like play solitare

    I wonder if solitare is the card game equivilent of masturbation

    Stave story

    'One day Stave slunk through the harsh morning sunlight from under the car from where he had emerged and slept. He ran face first into an invisible wall, shocked out of his dreariness. He pushed and pushed but the powerfull force would not relent. Suddenly coalescing out of nothing, RJ appeared and looked like grim death, unshaved and smoke covered in black leathers and a Metallica t shirt. With all his awesome powers he said the incantation to help poor Stave."

    "Stave, it's a pull door......."

    I really wish I was a typical RJ so I could wear a pretty dress

    If I get an army jacket I think I'm going to fabric marker something funny on the back. Maybe like the Hellsing motto and the hot sexy British girl witht he giant breasts that make two of her pockets unusable....

    BETA MAG - Lots of ammo

    Here I sit brokenhearted
    Eyes rolled back and soul departed
    Sometime soon I shall return
    And I will watch the world burn

    Piers had a really lame math forula theme to his demons.... and the puns, I'd die if I wasn't so rockin

    What was I just thinking of...............

    Prehensile penis?


    I have the first two volumes but not the third

    The top tape sticks but the bottom doesn't


    Stave the monkey god
    Somewhat homoerotic
    Watch Out Bananas

    Oni (Demon Jump)
    Hey, you don't know who she is
    You guys [censored] suck

    AC adapter
    ESP guitars are great
    EH, I'mma get one

    Bathroom, Sitting Down
    Draw A Robot On The Door
    Robots [censored] Rock

    Luggage is worthless, just use big canvass death bags

    Old barns..... whooooooooooo HAY AND KITTENS AND OLD BOWLING PINS!

    It's a slaughterhouse in here


    Fist this guy is all like, "whoooooo I'mma ninja", and then he says, "ohhhh well Imma go get a bounty", and then theres a cool blues scene and the other guy says "hey nice tune real easy" and the other guys is like, "WHOOOO TIME TO PLAY SPACESHIP" and he goes down and then theres a cutscene where this guy spraypaints his eye and goes all wahcko and kills EVERYONE and it's great, but then the other guy who played spaceship is all like, "hey I shoved a whole hotdog in my mouth without you seeing, I am a masterful man" and then he gets all throttled by paint eyes, but later paint eye is all ordering bad drinks and says"HEY!" and then the other guy is like"WHO NEEDS DRUGS WHEN YOU HAVE A GIANT SOMBREEEOOOORRAOOOOO!" and then it's all fighty fighty and jumpy chasey into space with the police and then the greatest line ever is uttered by drugs lady ".......adios......." and the sorrow is great and ninja boy goes back and ninja boys partner is all sad because he's a mother figure


    Mo To Ko Ku Sa Na Gi


    Release Control Art Restriction To Level Three, Level Two, Level One, Situation A, The Cromwell Approval Is In Effectt



  2. unclematty

    unclematty 1/2 ton status

    Jan 24, 2003
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    SLC UT
    AADD - Adult Attention Deficeit Disorder!!!
    yes, no, or maybe, but only on saturdays!
    wake up tomorrow. I don't give a ****!
    Get outa my way ya freakin punk!
    Why can't this sh!t ever work out like it's supposed too?

    Dear god what did I do?? Just this once let it work
    It got water in it when the gasket went away now the con rod is bent!
    No!! not in the nuts!!
    AAAHHH Screw it! I don't care what you do.
    I dreamed all night **** it! off to work

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