ignition timing on ho-engine?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by germank20, Mar 9, 2003.

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    hello, im from germany and i have a question!
    i bought a 350 cui engine with trw flat top pistons (9:1 compression ratio), and a speedpro cam (278°/465 lift)
    and a edelbrock performer intake with a carter afb. a big air cleaner 450mm x 135mm high.
    i also bought a used h.e.i. ignition, i want to put on the engine.
    headers are already mounted.
    i use normal heads.
    what timing point (btdc) is good, but not to early to ruin my engine??????????
    the man i bought the engine told me that i would have 250 ps! is this possible or just talking [censored].
    so thats all, i hope someone could help me .
    thanks a lot, and excuse my bad englisch.
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    Stock timing for a 350 is between 4-6* BTDC. That is where I would start, and see how that runs. You can always play with it. I am not that intune with timing to start with on a semi built motor though so you might wait on some other replies to see what they say too.

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