Ignition Wiring...need help

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    Here's the deal.... I bought this remote starter kit and i pulled the panel under the steering colum off and i cant seem to find the correct wires..I need to know what colored wire/ and where exactly i can loacte them for my 1989 k5 blazer. THESE ARE WHAT I NEED TO FIND
    1)the wire which ONLY reads 12v. when starter is cranking...
    2)the wire the read 12v. ONLY when "accessory" in on....
    3)the wire is 12v when on accessory AND run..
    4)and lastly which wire is 12v. ONLY when key is in run position....
    THANKS in advance
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    Re: Ignition Wiring

    1) This one may be hard to find. I'll look in a wire diagram and send you a private if I find it
    2) Your fuse box should have an "acc" place to plug into(like your radio is pluged into)
    3) I think?!?!?!it would be the same as the above wire????
    4) I don't know- My neighbor installs sterios and alarms. After I get back from the holidays, I'll ask him

    Don't know if I helped, but I tried!!!

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