I'm a chucklehead but please read this

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by boots, Dec 15, 2002.

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    I\'m a chucklehead but please read this

    Ok heres the scenario, cleaning carb with dip and spray, but no gloves, chemical burns start and I go in to rinse em off, figure we used to use baking soda to nuetralize acid so ask the dear fair one to grab the box and follow me. scubbed with some of that and well results weren't quite satisfactory, so like an idiot I'm leaning over the tub with my hands in the water rinses em off and I was inspired, isotonic buffering solution would be nice right about now wouldn't it. Well what about that stuff I use on my eyes at work to flush out metal, hmmmm. Bauch and Lomb (sp?) eye wash seemed to greatly improve my outlook on life at the moment. not sure if it was actually that or the water but the results seemed instantaneuos. any chemist out there say yeah or nay to this un. or might it have been rinsing off the baking soda and ending the reaction between the BS and the carb cleaner?
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    Re: I\'m a chucklehead but please read this

    Always rinse the bad away with plain water...then wash with soap and water.


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