I'm back! kinda...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ddragggon, Jun 11, 2002.

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    I\'m back! kinda...

    well, went and finished moving myself, went to scoutcamp, and finished moving the company... I'll try to keep this somewhat brief.

    Scoutcamp was pretty much uneventfull, as it should be. I went and spent 4 days up in the mountains, silence, and cool weather. the drive back was me alone, ( had to come back early to help work move) listening to loud music, and cruising the highway at a nice 60 MPH or so ( 5 below on the highways here) until I came up to some giant concrete tanker truck, hauling 2 concrete tankers behind him, and he was trying to get up a hill. after what seemed 3 hours behind this trucker, I finaly found a passing lane, on a slight downhill that was long enough, and clear enough for me to try it... so, I hit the loud pedal, flicked the signal, and began passing the truck... then retarded trucker guy hits the gas, and floors it... so, I floor it, and finaly get past him ( at about 90) and as I'm decelerating I glance up in the mirror in time to see the trucker suddenly loose it.... apparently several hundred tons of concrete is hard to keep moving strait at 85 MPH.... so, as I watched in horror as he swerved uncontroled accross the road through both shoulders a couple of times, he finaly got control of his rig. that was the most eventful thing that happened that week...

    got back here, and began moving network stuff, only to find out that all the damn engineers decided they wanted thier desks on the oposite side of the room they had thier phone jacks, and they wanted me to move the jacks. oh well, they get long phone cords, and to deal with it. had the VP panickily call my manager sunday to rant about the network out back not being up, and needing me to come in to hook up all the computers they have out there.... when I'd left saturday, there were 2 computers out there, and both were up and online.... since then, they'd added.... well, none, but they wanted me to string network to places where they weren't sure if they wanted computers at or not.... oh well, I've picked up about 30 hours of overtime for the pay period so far, and still have 3 regular work days left in the pay period, so I'm getting new tires in 2 weeks.

    how was everything while I was gone? I notice the forums are all wackey and wierd now... anything else of note happen? back to work for me... gotta finish redoing the damn network for all the whiners...

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    Re: I\'m back! kinda...

    Welcome back Rich. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif


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