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Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by highlow, May 8, 2006.

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    Hey guys I finally renewed my subscription again, took a break don't know why, but I'm back and I need to take a updated picture of the blazer so you guys can criticize me and see where I am at. I also need help or info for a 205 for the blazer, then I will regear the axles and hopefully be set for a while. My attention has been slightly changed, I have aquired a 47 chevy pickup that plan I on doing a frame up resto on it with a little attitude, bags, layn body and a good healthy 350 in it . But I still need to get the blazer done to where it is allways ready to roll when I go hunting or playing. Anyways glad to be back!
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    Anyways, glad you are back.:D

    By the way. Not for nuthin. But if'n ya look real close you can see...

    I have aquired a 47 chevy pickup that plan I on doing

    What precisely is a plan I?

    No one else will probably find this funny but I did.

    So there.


    Oh yea. Once again, welcome back.

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