Im guilty of neglecting my K5

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Jishory, Jun 4, 2006.

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    i was cleaning out the garage a month or so ago and i dug up my old r/c plane i had in high school that i never flew.... i thought to myself, hell yeah. it even had haf a tank left in it and it started right up, my girlfriend was over and she challenged me to fly it. it had a bit of hanger rash i had to patch up but everything else was good, i took it out to fly like a week later got it like 10 feet off the ground and got my ailerons mixed up and nose dived it. it got fubar, the engine was several feet from the plane, and the fuselage was pretty nasty. so, the challenge wasnt over, i jb welded it and got it back to flying status, just waiting on a servo now, the rudder servo broke on the crash so i took the one from the ailerons to fix it and have been taxing it around the street, i might have crushed some thrust washer in my engine because there is a little play on the crank and it sounds like hell at low rpm but it still runs like a champ....
    im waiting on a servo to come in from ebay to get it flying again, ill record it incase their is a spectacular crash again

    i have alot of cool parts waiting for my truck but the regulator on my air compressor broke :doah:i need to fix that:o

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