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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PhoenixZorn, Sep 24, 2005.

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    I've been planning costumes for my wife and I to wear for the party we are inevitably going to find ourselves at, and it dawned on me that I haven't told you guys that I can make latex masks that fit your face (like in the movies... Mission: Impossible anyone?) My masks aren't meant to make you look like someone else though... I probably can't make you look like your mother or brother, but I can make you a frightenningly good Darth Maul, or any number of custom monster type masks. I forgot about my skill for a whole year, as this is about the time I made my masks for halloween last year.

    Now, these masks that I make take a long time to create and adjust. I will likely only have time to do one mask this year before All Hallow's Eve, but the latex in the masks is designed to last for at least 2 years before your sweat (and more than likely beer and/or food) starts to deteriorate the mask. I can take orders whenever... if you need something for a special occasion, just ask, and I shoud be able to make it within a reasonable amount of time. It takes me about a week to make each mask, but I need to get back in the swing of things (and build up my supply list again) before I can start pumping out head condoms again.

    All I need is a PM with what or who you would like to be, your e-mail address and your mailing address. We can discuss payment when you tell me who you want to be. After I have your address, I'll send you a modelling kit, which basically lets you do a plaster cast of your head. You send back the completed cast properly insulated so it doesn't break on the return trip, and I send you a completed mask about 2 weeks later.

    Now, understand, this isn't a get rich quick scheme, or even a get rich slow scheme. Just something I like to do in my spare time. I can't make a living off of masks, even if Iit was my full time job... well maybe if it was my full time job... but as it were, this is a part time, when I have time - type of deal. If it takes me a bit longer than 2 weeks to finish your mask, I apologize in advance, but rest assured that if I have money and time, you'll have a mask.

    The average price for the whole works from modelling kit to mask completion is about $300.00, and I guarantee it. That's why I get your e-mail address too, so I can send you progress pictures, and you can tell me if you like the thing before you get it.

    The best part about the whole mask, is that because you take a mold of your own head, it fits you like a glove. the eye holes will match the curves of your eyes, the nose will hug your nose, and when you talk, smile, frown, laugh, or cry, the mask will move with the rest of your face. You can also eat and drink with these masks on, and they won't peel away from your face. Sorry, i currently don't have a picture of anything I've done, but I should in a couple weeks.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If you are allergic to plaster of paris or latex, do not even think about asking me for a mask. I can't make them out of anything else, even though I would like to, so I am sorry. If you are allergic to latex or plaster of paris, and you order a mask anyways, you are responsible for the consequenses yourself. I will not be accountable for anyone's stupidity (just kidding about the stupid part.)

    Mods, if you feel this should be in the general classifieds section, go right ahead and move it there... I won't be hurt by it.... I am just not sure it would fit in anywhere except the lounge.
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    sweet, can you do the creature from the black lagoon??? the wolfman?? :D :D i hope i hope.!!!!!! :D i'll send mt stuff.

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