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    ok guys, i have found a motor out of a 84' caddy with less than 80,000 miles on it. it is a fuel injected 400 and has belonged to an older gentleman. how much would be a fair price to pay for this motor and what details do i need to know to drop it in my blazer (conversions,different motor mounts, etc.) and is there any draw backs to this conversion. other than this motor i have found 2 305's so i think this is my best option so far.let me know asap please thanks.
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    you are bringing out a whole can of worms if you try to switch to caddy and fuel injection. W/ that being said, it does not mean it cant be done especially if the price is right on the moter. I dont know for sure about this one, but most caddilac engines have different bell housings as do alot of pontiac and buick than chevrolet engines. If it does, you have to buy an adapter to make it work. I would look at advance addapters websight for information or contact them. Also, can you get the computer and wireing w/ the engine. If so, that will make the swap alot easier. Just make sure that if you decide to do it, that you do your homework before you buy anything. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you start purchasing parts that you might not be able to use or that will cost way too much to be practicle to make work. Good luck


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