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    hey everone... this place is a mad house of info. im gone in los angeles for one weekend. and come back to find 4 hole pages of stuff i have to read! man, so i spend all morning monday reading posts, had no time to post myself though. i would have posted yesterday, but i took some of my friends on a 7 mile bike ride, it kinda sucked cuz the guy i always ride with didnt want to go!!! o well, i got to climb many hills and have found a new trail to take. =) its good to know that i should never leave my computer again. man i cant wait until i get my K5. workin out stuff to get money for it. things are lookin good for me in the ways of gettin that K5. keep up the good posts eeryone, and im kinda upset to here about all of the bashing, L8!

    the shadow,

    why do you only use your 4wd for parking lot maneuvers?

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