Installing inner seals on a D60?

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    I’ve just installed new inner seals in my D60. In addition to carrier/shim problems (another thread) I have some seal problems.

    Looks like the old seals were not bottomed in their seat. There is a fair amount of rust, crust, and pitting about 1/8” wide between the old seal bottom and the cup/receiver bottom. The top of the seal (inside, next to carrier bearings) was flush with the machined surface. If it were bottomed, the inside edges of the seal would be about 1/8” down in the cup. Does this make sense? Is this correct?

    They were a pain to get out as it was. I would hate to try getting them out if they were bottomed. Is there a trick to getting them out?

    Also, looks like my inner shafts have quite a bit of wear where the seal rides. Is there a quick-sleeve type repair kit for these things? Maybe time to get a new pair and set these back for spares?

    So, here are my questions again:

    1) How far in do the seals seat? Flush with the machined surface, or at the bottom of the machined “cup”? If at the bottom, I’m in trouble because I think a machine hone would be needed to clean up the scale and crud down there.

    2) How do you repair the seal groove in the inner axles?


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