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    Does anybody get the heeby jeebies when dealing with insurance type people? Long story short, my mother talked us into uping our life insurance. Got 2.5 times the coverage for $4 less a month.

    First off the application was 78 pages long, which I had to print out myself. Then Mr. Personality from insurance co calls up and asks the same questions that I answered in the application.

    Mr Personality: "Have you ever had any major surgeries?"
    Me: yeah sure, couple of broken arms when I was 11 and 12, some stiches etc.
    "What kind of treatment did you recieve for your broken arms?"
    a cast

    Mr. Personality: "Have you ever used marijuana, heroin, coccaine, meth, etc?"
    "Have you ever had or sought treatment for addiction to marijuana, heroin, coccaine, meth, etc?"
    Are you serious?
    Why would I have sought treatment for an addiction to something I have never done?
    "Is that a yes or no?"
    Wow. This is borderline rediculous. Do they pay you to think?
    That would be a no then.

    All of my dealings with these people reaffirms my belief that insurance coumpanies are just a pyramid scheme for an evil legion of blood sucking vampires.
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    I do, which is tough because I work for an insurance company.:eek1: :D
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    Cant be a pyramid scheme, if it was eventualluy youd profit...:rolleyes: No way in hell thats happening...:rolleyes::crazy:

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    I signed up for AFLAC through my last employer last September. In December my wife gets in a car accident and gets the ambulance ride and ER room routine. As soon as all was decently normal I called my local office and got 4 different recommendations on what to do.

    Called the national 800 number and they had me on the correct course in 5 minutes.

    The 800 people and the local office said to bring the paperwork into the local office as they could get it in the system faster and thus our payment faster. Sure...

    Then the local office wants all kinds of other paperwork that shouldn't apply. She didn't miss any work so the missed work paperwork shouldn't apply...right?
    We got like 3 different answers from the locals, one definate no from the 800 people.
    Then the local people need her to get the doctor's statement. The hospital tells us the ER doctors are FAR to busy and that is why they gave use the ER report. Oh, okay, and we tell the local people as much. They act stunned and disbeleiving.
    800 people say that's normal and 100% acceptable.

    Luckily we ended up with a $550 check from AFLAC so I guess it was worth it considering my medical insurance and the car insurance company paid all of the bills and we had enough left over from the car insurance company to make a nice down payment on her new ride.

    Then a little over a week ago I was laid off. Called up local AFLAC to cancel my coverage and the guy gives me a hard time about it and basically talks me into a 3 month payment plan. Then I start to find that there really aren't many jobs up here right now...and I do the math and realize a 3 month payment is like $500. Not to mention unemployment is about what I was making before minus tax and gas...sooo...

    I call the 800 number because it's late and the lady helps me right through the whole process and my policy is cancelled within 10 minutes.

    I've had grea experiences with some insurance companies and others make me want to kill people. Don't even get me started on Progressive...:mad:

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