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    I was all about making a dual-snorkel air filter housing for my '87 K5, but while cleaning up after my wheeling trip this weekend, I found the inside of the stock housing had lots of dried-mud-film outside the filter (thankfully none inside the filter) and the filter itself had obviously gotten wet. I had done a couple water crossings (bumper-deep with stock susp. and 33's) nice and slow, and hit some mud puddles kinda fast, along with lots of dry, dusty trails.
    I currently run the stock intake tubing and the guard-thingy on the rad. support, with small holes punched in the bottoms of the folds in the hose and eight 1/4" holes drilled around the bottom of the filter housing for drainage.
    I'm glad the drains worked and kept me from drowning out (and possibly hydro-locking...), but I'd rather not see dried mud in the air filter at all. Anyone have any ideas to keep this kind of thing from happening again??

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    Maybe try some of the diesel truck(?) intake pieces...not sure if it was diesel specific, but my diesel core support came with a weird piece that the hose connected to, and it sat BEHIND the core support. It has louvers, and the opening faces towards the back of the truck. Prolly shouldn't have tossed it, but I've seen them around. May be an idea, probably slows the intake velocity allowing less dust/water etc to get up to the air cleaner.

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