Interested in a trade? Your low mileage 6.2 for my LOW MILEAGE 5.7 TBI

Discussion in 'Parts & Trucks Wanted' started by BigOrange90Jimmy, Feb 23, 2004.

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    That's right. I'm willing to trade everything i.e. motor, harness, fuel lines, sending unit, fuel gauge....EVERYTHING to make my LOW mileage TBI 350 work in your K5.

    All I need in trade, or $CASH$, is your low mileage 6.2L diesel and EVERYTHING needed to make it run in my K5. Now before you run outside and start unbolting stuff, it has to be: a "J" code engine, and I need VISUAL proof that it is in fact, a low mileage engine. NO CARB-CLEANER-WIRE-BRUSH-CLEAN-THE-OIL-PAN-OFF-SLAP-ON-A-COAT-OF-KRYLON JOBS HERE!!! Second, I need the stuff to be in good shape. My engine is BRAND NEW! It been run just long enough for it to be broken in, and that's it.

    This is a serious deal guys. You can even hear the motor run if you want. Given, the motor is not in the truck right now, but I will put it back in just to let you hear it. The only thing that you WILL need is a new throttle body. Mine has seen better days, but it does have new injectors in it.

    Come on guys, you know you want fuel injection, and I know I want a diesel. Let's get'er done.

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