Interesting day. Met Dan Elliot (Bills brother)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Grim-Reaper, Aug 24, 2002.

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    Well my club works with DEMA (Dawson Emergency Management Assoc.) Part of GEMA (Georgia EMA) that is Part of FEMA (Federal EMA). Basically my club has volentered to help with Stuff like Search and Rescue...Mostly winter emergency's to help get to people that are without power.
    These folks have been treating us right. Invited us to stuff like Bomb disposal , Rescue training stuff like vehicle extrication techniques where they peal apart cars with Jaws of life and search & rescue classes.
    Today they had a Mock plane crash. Did a little discussion and then they brought out a Life Flight landed it let us take a look at it got to talk to the crew, learned how to set up Landing Zones for the copter and dirrect them in.
    While this was going on CAP (Civil Air Patrol) was locating a downed plane beacon. Once they found it we were supose to mobilize and help with the rescue. Well The CAP planes for 2 years running could not find the plane but their ground crew did.
    We Ended up heading to Elliot Feild ....Yes as In Elliot racing who alowed us to use their private air strip for the exercise. Got to Meet Dan Elliot. We had to stop while Bill took off his Leer Jet headed to Bristol. Plane took off about 50 feet from us and that was pretty cool.
    So they had a couple counties up participating in this. The basic deal was the plane crashed after take off in woods. Fatther another passenger and twin girls in plane. Survied crash. Passenger was injured bad, twin girls were fine. Father took off looking for help. Girls wandered off in woods. The other counties and SAR Were searching the woods looking for the three people along with tracking dogs. The Life flight was supose to come in and removed injured party. They got called to handle a real call so they ended up scrapping that part. Our club members worked the perimiter roads in case the people wandered out. They sent the tracking dogs in along with some of their personel. Took about 3 hours to find all three People. I ended up hauling the girls out and back to waiting ambulance. Then helped move some of the other search people into new area to search for Father. The girls were found by personel. The Doges walked withing 20 feet of the father but missed him LOL. THey ended up having to research the area where he was believed to have gone for almost another hour before they located him.
    Any way it was a great experiance working with our State agency's helping them out with our Expertise of Rough terrain travel /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.
    I would highly recomend that if your with an organized club that you contact your local County or state Emergency Managment orgs and see if you can volenteer yor services. It's really a great community service opertunity that can make a difference especially if your in rural area where the potentcial is that your modified vehicles may make the difference.
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    huh, i though this post was gonna start with, "i was out back at work having a smoke" /forums/images/icons/grin.gif /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

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