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    don't pop into this forum too often these days, since I no longer
    > or publish. But this topic is the tip of an iceberg that badly needs
    > exposure.
    > >
    > > The history of the last century has been written almost entirely by the
    > political Left. The Left has an iron grip on the communications media, the
    > entertainment industry, and the educational complex -- the three lines of
    > power by which facts, ideas, and attitudes are transmitted among us. Only
    > thus has our language been perverted to the point where:
    > >
    > > -- "Liberal," which once meant "in favor of freedom," is now the label
    > social-welfare mega-statists who believe in Omnipotent Government Uber
    > and passionately oppose the use of American armed power whenever it would
    > in America's interests.
    > >
    > > -- "Diversity," which once meant a wide variety of thought and opinion,
    > now the cover under which a stultifying conformity of opinion is being
    > imposed on students, entertainers, and professional communicators.
    > >
    > > -- "Tolerance," which once meant the conviction that a man is free to
    > diverge from popular preferences as long as he didn't wield force or fraud
    > against others, is now the shibboleth under which the devotees of bizarre
    > creeds and personal perversities demand that the rest of us **approve** of
    > their deviances, and welcome them into our homes, churches, clubs and
    > businesses against our contrary inclinations.
    > >
    > > Only thus have a million falsehoods been perpetuated in place of the
    > of our time.
    > >
    > > I could rant about this for days. Sometimes I do. My wife and kids are
    > thoroughly sick of it. So I'll conclude here with a quote from the current
    > national bestseller "Treason," by conservative lightning rod Ann Coulter:
    > >
    > > "In a speech at the University of Notre Dame in the first year of his
    > presidency, Reagan told the students that, someday, their hour would come
    > 'to explain to another generation the meaning of the past and thereby hold
    > out to them the promise of the future.' Liberals wrote the history of the
    > Hiss-Chambers battle and it took forty years to prove tha Chambers was
    > telling the truth. Liberals wrote the history of McCarthyism and to this
    > no one knows that McCarthy was right. Liberals wrote the history of
    > Watergate and consequently, no one has the first idea what that even was.
    > Already liberals are trying to rewrite the history of the Cold War to
    > Reagan from its core, to make him a doddering B-movie actor who just
    > happened to be standing there when the Soviet Union imploded. They have
    > media, the universities, the textbooks. We have ourselves. We are the
    > witnesses." ("Treason," pp 201-202)
    > >
    > > We are the witnesses. There will be no more after us who remember the
    > events of these days as we do: from the direct perceptions of our senses.
    > >
    > > Do not fail in this trust.

    Stop quote

    > >
    I did not write this but got it thru email.
    Just thought some might think this was interesting.
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