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    I actually have 2 issues. First is water coming in on the passenger front kick panel near the vent. I've replaced the windshield, but could water from under cowl still get up in there around the blower somehow? Or could it be as simple as bad weatherstripping around the door? (although I don't know how).

    Other Issue: Is the area behind the doors a known trouble spot for rust? I just pulled the small carpeted side panels that run behind the doors (along the floor) to the back seat out and both the drivers side and passenger sides were rusted completely through! I was heartbroken because this is the only rust I've ever seen on her since I picked up the truck from the dealer 12 years ago. I'm concerned because what I'm looking at now (through the 8 inch hole) appears to be a very rusty main support rib holding the body to the frame. I'm planning on getting under there this weekend to see for sure (if it ever stops snowing!)
    I'm just looking for a little morale support since I'm not sure what I'm up against, and I'm not ready to trade her in yet!

    Any info or suggestions would be great.

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