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    I read a note about internal vrs external wheel weights but I can't find it again. I am getting new tires soon and am interested in any knowledge on installation of the internal type weights. I have access to a balancer and mounter so I will be doing all the work. Thanks

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    I'm no expert or tire guy, but what exactly is the question? Which is better? Personally I would run weights on each side of the wheel. That will give you best balance. You can set it up to just mount weight on the inside (For da g's and the macks w/ their po pimp'n rims [​IMG] ). You also have stick on weights that go in the middle of the rim. I guess unless you have a problem such as rocks nailing of the outer weights or the inner weights hitting the tie rod end then just do it standard 2 plane balance. You can also look into thos weighted patches... I don't know much about them and have never used them so I'm not much help. There was a post not to long back about them.

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