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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by justinf, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Okay, so I have high speed wireless internet at my house, supposed to be faster than dsl. I live about 6 miles or so from the tower.

    The problem I am having is the speed sucks. I have had this service since January, and it really only worked good for the first month or so. At times, it works great, other times it is slower than my old dialup (which usually connected at about 24k). I also have a lot of problems sending email attachments, basically it will not send them, it pops up with a connection error.

    I have kept the service since the technician keeps trying to fix it, and I did finally find out they had a problem at their tower (the customer service lady let it slip that they had been receiving alot of calls from customers who are on the same tower as me).

    Anyways, since that was fixed, it seemed to be working better, not like it should but better. I am 95% sure the problem is the signal. I get conflicting stories, one guy says my signal is low, others say yes, it's low, but should be enough to work good.

    Is anybody familiar with these types of systems? Is there a signal booster available that could be installed? I am going to find out more about the signal specs tomorrow (what frequency etc), but thought I would see if anybody here has any experience.

    If this isn't fixed soon, then I am going to cancel, and go back to dialup. Should be a good fight to get my roof patched (siliconing the holes for the antenna mast is not good enough in my book):rolleyes:
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    Might want to see what you can find over at Lots of good info available on all kinds of high speed access in the various forums. :)

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