Is there a specific adapter I need for the Jacobs Ign. I just got

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    May 10, 2001
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    I just bought a Jacobs Ign. The Mileage Master Ultra Team..
    after looking at the diag and the new Coil there is two wires that come off the Coil to the HEI.. But the Diag says somthing about an adapter to hook it up to the HEI.
    I have a plate that the Green and Red Wire go to.. I'm suppossing that I'm suppose to hook up the wires for the HEI to the plate...
    What do I do??????????

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    Salt Lake City
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    Mar 7, 2000
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    The little plate is what I used. I also had to clip one side of the u-connector lead from my coil to get it to fit under the screw in the plate/adapter, but it works fine. Then I electrical taped the whole assembly.

    I left my coil where it was in case I ever needed to hook it back up. I have had my Jacobs for two years with no problems, best add-on investment I have made to my Jimmy so far.

    This Spring I replaced the points with a electronic set. A tuneup now is changing plugs, but I haven't touched mine since I put in the Jacobs.

    Good luck,
    73 Jimmy

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