It IS a 454!!!!

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    I'm soooo happy. I just came home with it sitting on my Toyota truck. My girlfriend saw it and was very happy for me. Her comment was "it looks like a whale" LOL. My poor 1/2 ton Totota suspension had a hard time with it, especially handling the curves. I had to drive very slowly. What really shocks me is that this heavy piece of "whale" will be all the time in the Blazer!

    The casting number is 14015445 It's a 78-87 454. I'ts described as "two-bolt or four bolt". The Cylinder heads are 14092360 86-88 oval port open chamber "454 truck".

    The previous owner suggested I don't spend money on a rebuild now. I can still get many miles from it. I really hope so. I'm gonna pressure wash it, paint it and install it. I'll also buy a new intake to fit my current Edelbrock Q-jet because it has a 2bbl intake.

    Does anybody have any A/C brackets? It didn't come with them. Also, does anybody have a diagram on how do the power steering and alternator brackets bolt to the block? The brackets look like pieces from a puzzle laying in the bed of my truck.

    Oh God I'm so happy!!! And this is just the start of it. I can't wait to install it.

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    Hey 79
    To cool, ya gotta love a BBC K5.
    See ya

    my truck's not dirty, it's earth tone paint

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