It Passed Emissions!!!!!!

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    For the first time in 9 years my Blazer failed emissions. I thought I had taken care of the problems but it failed again even more miserably. I took the carb off and the airhorn was loose, the bottom was loose, the four bolts that hold it down were loose. I tightened them all down and waited for Monday to test it . It failed, I checked the carb again. The whole thing was loose AGAIN!. Went and bought a Holley rebuild q jet and it passed the part it failed but the HC's failed. I found out it was running too lean and it finally passed. But now this carb just crapped out on me!!!!! It runs pretty well, but it hesitates really hard on acceleration, any ideas? It blows black smoke and sputters and kicks but then settles into a groove. Still too lean? Bad float adjustment? I've got no ideas about carbs.

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