It's Official, Yankees are..............

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    It\'s Official, Yankees are..............


    [ QUOTE ]
    It's humerous to see "insult" brought up in connection with a Southern
    accent, since the twined concepts of insult and honor were at the root of
    the institution of slavery. Personally, I'm of the opinion we should have
    let the South go - except for our moral duty to end slavery there. Almost
    everything that's odious in American politics comes from the South. And most
    of what's wrong with American foreign policy has to do with a cultivated
    sense of insulted honor - basically a Southern sensibility.

    The Northern way, by contrast, is to be able to entertain strong differences
    of opinion without taking it as an insult that someone would disagree. It's
    the difference between democracy and feudalism. Of course, we of the North
    don't make Northerness a point of pride like Southerners do with
    Southerness. "Northern pride" hardly makes sense, while "Southern pride"
    sounds commonplace. Our superior humility is so deeply ingrained we can only
    bring it out with deep reflection.

    [/ QUOTE ]

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