It's so nice when things work out

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 73k5blazer, Dec 21, 2006.

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    So I've been wiring this K5 for the past, ehh, year, from scratch, in my defense, as I've been doing circuits, like the tail lights, I'd drape the wire over the steering column for the dash IP lights. Run the turn signal circuits, a couple more wires for those for the IP pod, hi beam, another on and so forth. So I had this big rats nest of wires hanging around the steering column.

    Well today I finally got to the point where all I needed to add was Gauge power and a ground, so I pinned out my C65 Tach/Fuel combo pod to decide where each wire goes, using my brand new 12040500 "PC Bow" packard terminals (I think I found the last 30 the in existence, from various dealers in the US and Canada, I know, I only need 16, but I'm a terminal hoard ass) connected it all up, and just like magic, the whole pod came to life perfectly, well, umm, save for the tach and actual operation of the gauges (cause I don't have a motor), but I could tell they all had power. IP lights came on, T/S work, Hi-Beam works, everything worked perfectly, first go around. How about that!

    Perhaps I can wrap up this wiring by the end of the year, then all I need is a motor, and 8 years of frame off rebuilding/restoration will come to fruition.:D

    I was so happy, I stood around in the garage for an hour drinking beer by myself. But I guess that's nothing new.
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    sweet. yes sir that beer by yourself is a reward. like when i change a tail light bulb and it works.PSSS glug glug. AAHH yep,i'm the man.
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    That's kool as chit. Gotta share a photo or two with us though.
    To me, it's as exciting as a new T/C or a locked D-60.
    I love running wiring and hooking up new stuff.
    All in the details!
    Thanks again to whoever suggested that when I use the solderless crimp connectors and terminals, to squirt a little dielectric grease in there before the heat shrink is used to seal it. Pretty much corrosion proof and very water resistant then.

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