I've got the squeels

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    I\'ve got the squeels

    Ah yes, it is a nice (EXTREMELY HOT) summer day in Houston. The wind is blowing pleasantly at 0mph and the mesquitos are bad enough to make you want to take a bath in Bug Spray (which doesn't work when there are as many as tehre are down here). Then i get in to start my K5 and low and behold the first sound as my 350 comes to life is an extremely loud squeel under the hood. First thing i think, belts. So i changed my belts (they were worn anyway). Then it isn't as loud. I played around with it and figured out that it only squeels when there is a heavy amp draw (for instance, having the a/c on high but it doesn't do it at the medium levels, or turning my stereo up loud with my amps pushing hard and trying to roll my windows down. I also listened under the hood with a pipe to try and locate it. It sounds like it is coming from the passenger side near the alternator. Could it be my alternator bearings going out? But if so, why would it stop after a few seconds. It also only squeels at start up and during accelleration.

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    Re: I\'ve got the squeels

    Yes it could! When a Alternator is under load it can increase resistance to turn it.
    Now most bearing failures are installation and owner error. Belt too tight does wear them out. Same with the water pump, power steering etc. Getting engine cleaner in them will kill them also. Sounds like it's time if it has the right tennsion on it. (about an inch of deflection on the belt when you press it with medium force).
    Before you call it scrap you may want to take some sand paper (like a 120 or so or most home stores sell a sanding block that is foam with the grit on it and those work awesome for doing this) and sand where the belt runs to give it some texture. If the belt has been slipping it may have polished the surface and it will be more prone to slipping at that point.

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