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    This more political than land use, but I figgured this was the right place to post it:

    January 9, 2002
    ROBERT COON (866) 443-6301

    Senate Proposal Targets SUVs and Off-Road Vehicles

    Congress debates new fuel mileage regulations

    Legislation is pending before Congress that would
    threaten our economy, our choices and our ability to
    use our vehicles for outdoor recreation. Hearings in
    the Senate Commerce Committee will be held January 24
    and 29, and the markup of the measure will be in early

    Many of our politicians are attacking our freedom to
    choose our own vehicles. Regulators in Washington want
    Americans to drive lighter, smaller, less powerful
    trucks and SUVs. Elitists worldwide describe the
    American automobile and American drivers who love them
    as public enemies draining precious, limited

    Current federal regulations mandate an average mileage
    for passenger cars of 27.5 miles per gallon, while the
    requirement for pickup trucks and SUVs is 20.7. These
    so-called Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFM-I)
    mandates, which are inherently flawed policy, have
    surfaced once again, amidst the energy policy debate
    being led by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. Some
    members of Congress, giving in to radical
    environmentalist pressures, are proposing sharp
    increases in these fuel mileage standards -- one
    proposal actually suggests that all automobiles
    produced by a manufacturer should meet a 39-m.p.g

    If such regulations were imposed, the real victims
    would be the American consumer. Vehicles would be
    lighter, less safe, up to $2,750 more expensive, not
    to mention that horsepower and engine performance
    would be reduced.

    Just try hauling a load of mulch or pulling a horse
    trailer with a light, reduced horsepower engine in
    your pickup. Even more absurd, how do these
    politicians expect Americans to partake in
    recreational activities, such as hunting, pulling
    boats, riding challenging trails, or four-wheeling,
    with vehicles only capable of driving down the highway
    or a city road?

    Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle wants to bring up
    his energy bill in mid-February, and CAFM-I will almost
    certainly be a party of it. It is crucial that you
    contact your Senators at (202) 224-3121 to let them
    know how detrimental CAFM-I would be to outdoor
    recreationalists M-^V Sign up at for
    more updates on how this affects your pastime!

    Drivers Alert! is a coalition of concerned drivers,
    auto enthusiasts and all those who oppose efforts by
    Washington to interfere with the rights of ordinary
    car owners to own and operate the vehicles we choose.
    We will fight to defend the American automobile M-^V
    cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and minivans alike. We buy
    them, we use them, we like them, and we donM-^Rt
    apologize for it.

    Brad Ullrich
    Land Use Editor,
    Webmaster Rock Garden 4 Wheelers, Farmington, NM

    Jim '80 GMC & '73 Blazer
    Body by Tellico
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    sorry..but that just aint ever ganna happen! hahaha...


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