Jeep Jamboree HAHAHA

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    Sorry Guys I couldn't resist. I was just reading through my new four wheeler magazine and saw the list of upcoming events. They said that there was gonna be a Jeep Jamboree in Absecon NJ. I think I just about feel off my bed laughing. I ran across this "Jamboree" last year by chance when i was out in the woods in my friends Samurai. I think we had to wait about 20 minutes for them to go by. Now mind you this is Pinelands so it isnt rocky the trails are mostly firmand flat but you hit sand once in a while, actually they are mostly fire roads. Anyway these guys were out there all in brand new jeeps doing about 5 mph down the trail one after another. I guess they didnt want to scratch the new paint job LOL. So we saw them a number of times through out the day while we were zipping around and got stuck behind them on this trail that had mogels throughout it. They finally pulled off and stopped after like 15 minutes of this. I looked at John and i think we passed them at about 45, the look on those guys faces when we hit those bumps and caught air was priceless. Anyway just had to offense intended to jeep owners just to those that are afraid fo thier vehicles.

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