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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mudhog, Feb 6, 2002.

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    portland oregon
    Two young guys were at a party in the woods when all of a sudden ther was
    a downpour of thunder and rain. The two ran for about ten minutes in the
    pouring rian,reaching there Jeep just as the rain let up. They jumped in the
    Jeep, started it up, and headed down the road, laughing and, of course still
    drinking one beer after another.

    All of a sudden an old man's face appeared in the passengers window and
    tapped lightly on the window! The passenger screamed out,"Aaaahhhh! Look at
    my window! Theres an old guys face there!"( Was this a ghost) the man kept
    knocking, so the driver said "Well open the window and ask him what he

    So the passenger rolled his window down part way and said scared out of
    his wits "What do you want?"
    The old man replied softly "Do you have any tobacco?"

    The passenger, terrifed, looked at the driver and said "He wants tobacco!"
    "Well offer him a ciggarette! HURRY!" the deriver yells. So the passenger
    fumbles around with the pack and gives the old man a cigarette, rolling up
    the window in terror he yells,"Step on it!"

    Now going about 80 miles an hour, they calm down and they strart laughing
    again. The passenger says "What did you think of that?"
    "I don't know I'm going pretty fast." All of a sudden, there is another
    knock and the old man is looking in the window.

    "Aaaahhhhh! There he is agian!" The passenger yells.
    "Well see what he wants now!" The driver yells. The passenger rolling the
    window down just a crack and shakily says, "Yes?"
    "Do you have a light?" The old man quietly asks. The passenger throws a
    lighter out the window at him, rolls up the window and screams "STEP ON IT!"
    They on now going about 100 miles per hour, trying to forget what they they
    had just seen and heard. Suddenly, again there is more knocking! "HE'S
    BACK!" The pasenger rolls down the window for the third time and screams out
    in pure terror, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"
    The old man gently replies, " You want some help getting out of the mud?"

    wheeling pics
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    N Texas

    I need to do a photo chop...I'll be back *evil grin*

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    LOL [​IMG]

    *wait's for Lara's picture*

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    Watch for the muzzleflash!
    Good one Shannon[​IMG]

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    birmingham alabama
    that kinda reminds me of when we put a 4" lift and some 33's on my buds k5. to test it out we went and found a nice mudhole. he got in the mud and me and my other bud sat watching from the cherokee. he got it burried pretty good so he went to put it in low range. well he made alot of noise for a couple minutes while we sat in the cherokee and laughed and drank. (its all on private land so we dont have to get on the road when were done plus me and him werent wheelin.) see when he stuck it in nutral to go to low he forgot to take it back out of neutral. he eventually gave up and someone else got in and drove it out. we never did tell him why he wasnt moving.

    he who bash other 4x4, look silly when being pulled out by it.
  6. rain1971

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    canada (7 hours from seattle washington)
    Hey that is a story that Casey Treat told on his christian tv show, except he was in a mustang and a cop knocked, he he he,
    it was part of his testimony of being a christian now and what he went thru as a teen.

    i havent thought about that guy for years.


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