jets and metering rods ona q-jet

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    Has anyone changed thier jets and metering rods on thier q-jets to better suit engine mods? Im just wondering what you changed to and how it changed the performance. Im particulatly interested in people that have recalibrated it to match intake, cam, and headers

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    I've screwed around with power piston springs (primary metering rod vacuum) and rods/jets.

    None of those mods made much of a difference. Especially in the MPG department.

    I've put 350 Q-jets on 454's. 350 Q-jets on 403's, 305 Q-jets on 454's. All without mods to the carb, ran fine. I *did* play around with the secondary metering rods and hangars, since that is where all your power is made when you are on the throttle.

    You could also play around with the primaries, leaning them out until you get some surge when cruising, then richening back up a bit.

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