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    They get more and more uneducated every day!!!

    In this edition of PhotoPoint Flash, our bimonthly newsletter

    ~ Performance update
    ~ 'One For The Parks' program
    ~ Introducing our new Community Magazine
    ~ Send us your hi-res photos
    ~ Win a digital camera in our member survey
    ~ Last chance to enter the Father's Day Sweepstakes

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    Performance Update

    Some users of may have experienced delays over the
    last few days.

    The problem - which has now been resolved - came from outside
    PhotoPoint in the form of an attempted "denial of service"
    attack, similar to those launched against eBay, Amazon and Yahoo!
    in recent months. In such attacks, unknown persons (for unknown
    reasons!) attempt to flood a site with frivolous service
    requests, solely for the purpose of slowing site performance.

    For those who were affected by this problem, we apologize. Rest
    assured, however, that even in such circumstances, your photos
    were never at risk. In addition, we have taken measures to
    identify the source of the attacks, and to prevent any future

    Use Your Photos To Save Our National Parks

    America's priceless treasures are in danger. After decades of
    record crowds and budget cuts, the National Parks need billions
    of dollars in repairs and preservation. And we can help. is proud to announce 'One For The Parks,' our
    powerful new email greeting campaign to encourage our government
    to devote 1% of the federal budget surplus to America's National
    Parks. Just create a free PhotoPoint personalized email greeting,
    using your favorite picture of the Parks or one from the
    PhotoPoint National Parks Gallery, and we'll send it to your
    Senators and President Clinton.

    Take advantage of this free and easy way to show your support for
    preserving the National Parks for our children and our children's
    children. Make sure your voice is heard - and your favorite
    National Parks photo is seen - in Washington. Send 'One For The
    Parks' at

    Time's Running Out on Our Father's Day Contest

    Just a few days left to enter to win a scanner for Dad in the
    Father's Day Sweepstakes, sponsored by and Entries close at midnight Eastern time,
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    In Our New Community Magazine

    Now you can learn how to photograph bleeding hearts, bug-eyed
    frogs, and much more - all in PhotoPoint's new Community
    Magazine. We're signing up some of the best names in photography
    to bring you informative, inspiring, and entertaining articles.

    For starters, we're honored to have Peter Burian, co-author of
    the book 'National Geographic Photography Field Guide - Secrets
    to Making Great Pictures,' as managing editor of the magazine.
    Besides finding and commissioning great articles, Peter will also
    write for us on a regular basis. Read his first piece on taking
    high-impact travel photos. And be sure to check out the other
    articles on capturing the beauty of your garden in photos, tips
    for making sharp images, and the amazing world of digital
    cinematography, Hollywood-style.

    Great reading, waiting for you now in PhotoPoint's new Community
    Magazine at

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>

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