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Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by crwln73, Nov 14, 2002.

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    Howdy,I was wandering whats it take to run with the Big Dawgs?Ive been wheelin lately with Frizzlefry.Check out the pics in The Garage of Bald Mtn.The other truck is mine. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif /forums/images/graemlins/usaflag.gif /forums/images/graemlins/truck.gif
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    We ask that you donate $10.00 per year to the club.. Thou it is not Mandatory.. You can PM Dunerunner with all your info. We have open enrollment untill we hit 75 members and I beleave we are at 51 now. We also ask that you agree to the bylaws..
    Nor-Cal Big Dawgs By-Laws

    This organization exists in order to bring together members for fun, family-oriented activities and enjoyment of our natural surroundings. This organization shall work to keep existing trails open and create new trails. Safety and user education will be emphasized. This club will work in concert with other user groups to maintain trails, keep open trails open, and organize events and any other purpose that the membership feels is necessary. This organization shall be non-profit in character.
    The objective of the club is enjoyment, not competition. Practices involving "daring" or "egging on" are not acceptable. Members must be left to choose for themselves what obstacles they prefer to try or go around.
    The philosophy of Tread Lightly must be adhered to as strictly as possible. This means that vehicles should stick to the trail whenever possible and respect the environment.
    If someone gets stuck, all vehicles must wait until the vehicle is freed. People are not required to help extract a stuck vehicle or perform other work on the trail but the sport does require a team effort. Vehicles may be left in the stuck position provided there is a consensus amongst the participants. People will never be left behind.
    Drivers clean up after themselves, if possible leave it cleaner then you found it.
    You are responsible for the behavior of guests traveling in your vehicles.
    Recommended equipment includes: ABC fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tow straps, tools, spare tire, axe, shovel, and CB Radio. Although these items are not "required" it is highly recommended that all club members carry these items. Spare parts such as u-joints, axles, drivelines, and basic tune up parts are suggested as well.
    Each rig should have tow points in both the front and the rear of the vehicle.
    Each member should have a thorough understanding of their vehicle, as well as, being capable and prepared to repair said vehicle in the event that it is needed.
    This is a family based organization and all members will act accordingly. Any member or guest acting in a manner deemed unfitting will be asked to leave. If said situation occurs again, the member in question may have their club membership permanently revoked at the determination of the club's Board of Directors.

    As an organization that supports Tread Lightly, should one of our members be found to violate Tread Lightly practices, the situation shall be evaluated, and a fine of up to fifty ($50.00) dollars will be imposed.
    The fine will then be sent to the Tread Lightly organization in the form of a donation. A repeat violation of Tread Lightly policies shall constitute in having membership permanently revoked.


    1. Membership is open to owners of off-highway vehicles or OHV enthusiasts.
    2. Membership is open until the membership reaches 75 members at that time the Board of Directors will make a decision on what shall be done.
    3. Dues for this organization shall be $10.00 yearly (per family at one address).
    4. Dues are payable on January 31st of each year. Members who pay in the months of October, November or December will have a valid membership for those months and the following calendar year.
    5. To remain in good standing, a club member must pay his/her dues on or before the date of the January 31st. We recommend that you join CA4WDC.
    6. The minimum age for members shall be sixteen (16) years. Each member must hold a valid driver's license and have adequate insurance coverage. Members under 18 must be sponsored by a parent or guardian.
    7. All members must conduct themselves in a responsible, respectable and orderly fashion at all times. The Board of Directors shall have the power to expel members for misconduct.

    Governing body:
    The President of Nor-Cal Big Dawgs shall be voted in for a term of one year.
    The voting date shall be within the first week of every March.
    The President shall then appoint a 9-member board of directors and within that board of directors a Vice president, Treasurer, and Secretary.
    Limits of power:
    No member on the Board or President shall make any major decisions with out Board approval nor spend more then $50.00 of Nor-Cal Big Dawgs funds without Board approval.
    Has a General rule most major decisions will be voted upon by all members. If a decision must be made quickly. Then the President can call a vote of the Board of Directors.

    Other then that nothing..Just have fun..

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