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Mar 13, 2004
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G-vegas(Greenville) South Carolina
a country boy from south carolina met a big city girl one day by chance and they fell in love, they decided to marry but the girl wanted the guy to meet her family so they could find out what he was like.

The first person from her family to get to come down from NYC was her oldest brother, a high powered high priced well respected lawyer in New York.

The brother wanted to get to know this "simple" country boy and asked him what he liked to do to pass the time. well the country boy talked about how much he loved to hunt and that it was duck season and he was planning on getting up early to hit the duck blind.

The lawyer told him how he had never been hunting and hadn't even fired a gun before. the good ole boy asked him if he would like to give it a shot in the morning. the excited lawyer quickly accepted and hurried off to bed to get some rest.

The morning found the two guys in the blind on the country boy's land adjacent to an old mans farm. time pasted with few ducks and just when the freezing lawyer was ready to through in the towel ducks were heard approaching in the distance well the lawyer quickly focused and when told to fire he opened up like a mad man and as luck would have ithe actually got one.

the duck fell on the other side of the fence onto the old farms property just as the old man was approaching on the ole john deere. the lawyer scrambled out of the blind to retrieve his prize hopping the fence to find the old farmer holding 'his' duck. the lawyer quickly demanded his duck to which the farmer said "mine now fell on my side" the lawyer quickly made known who he was threatening the old timer with a huge lawsuit.

the farmer though on it and suggested they resolve the dispute the old southern way to which the lawyer agreed. the farmer went on to explain the rule-- the first guy kicks the second guy in the 'boys' three times then the second guy to the first 3 times and so on untill someone gives up. the lawyer said fine and the farmer said he went first b/c it was technically his duck now, so off they went the old man squared up and put on in the sweet spot sending the lawyer to his knees, one more and he was on all fours and then the third from behind causing the lawyer to loose his breakfast, after a while the lawyer summoned all his strength and rose saying al right ya old bastard its my turn...

"Naw" said the old man "i give up, here's your f@wkin duck."

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Nov 6, 2000
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portland oregon
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Jun 30, 2002
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Salem, Or.
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