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    A new and devastating virus has just hit the Internet community. This virus is particularly damaging because it appears to come from someone you probably know, uses several simple methods to redistribute and carries several destructive payloads.

    This virus scans the infected computer’s My Documents folder, randomly selects a file and sends it to everybody in your address book. Furthermore, it also will send itself (and the attachment) to any e-mail addresses located on sites that you have visited recently (those located in your temporary internet files). The Sircam virus also will use Windows Shares to spread itself within a local network.

    Sircam has its own SMTP routine so it does not require that your email client be running to send itself, it simply needs access to the Internet. Potential problems include:

    - 1 chance out of 50 that the virus will copy a small file indefinitely until it fills up your hard drive and your computer can no longer operate.

    - 1 chance out of 20 that the virus will erase all files on your hard drive on October 16th.

    Some people reported that the virus caused their computer to be unable to run any programs after being infected, resulting in a mandatory reinstall of their operating system.

    This virus has spread itself rapidly since July 18th, 2001, and is still causing ravages.

    ApexMail free email offering is one of the few free email services to provide virus protection to its users. However, the personal mail virus component is reactive in that you must click the virus scan button to activate it.

    While this method works effectively, we strongly recommend you upgrade to our ApexMail Professional service which has a virus gateway at the network level. It checks both inbound and outbound mail for virus contamination; this dynamic system automatically notifies the user if a contaminated attachment is located. Virus scanning can also be performed by the user-initiated virus scanning feature..

    Use this link to upgrade using our secure servers:

    Code Red worm

    This worm has infected hundreds of thousands of computers running Microsoft's Internet server software, and is a worldwide danger. Newly discovered versions of the worm can be reprogrammed to launch crippling attacks on any Web site.

    The worm is set to spread again Tuesday July 31st at 08:00pm EDT. The quick spread could bring sporadic but widespread Internet slowdowns and variants of the worm could do more extensive damage.

    Unlike a virus, which needs a person to help it spread, a worm infects other computers on its own. Web site administrators running Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 operating systems, along with the Internet Information Services software, should download Microsoft's patch from the company's Web site. Home users running Windows 95, 98 or Me are not vulnerable to this specific worm.

    Microsoft Security Patch: www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS01-033.asp

    CERT Advisory: http://www..cert.org/archive/html/coderedannounce.html

    Code Red technical data: www.digitalisland.net/coderedalert

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