just brought my garage computer out of the dark ages

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Thunder, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Have an old Dell Cpi P2win98 notbook that i used in the garage mainly to do engine scanns/diagonstics/programing.Just got done upgrading it. fdisked and Reformated. maxed out the ram. Loaded Win XP and a wireless card. Bought everything i needed on Ebay. 128mgs ram 30.00, wireless card 15.00. Best 45.00 I have spent in a while. Nice to be able to surf the net in my shop now.The ol puter is a lot faster now too. Only have about 4 gigs left on the HD but thats ok I dont realy have any programs or use this puter to store much except snapshots of engine data. And to do some chip programing.
    I'm a happy boy. My wife will prolly be a littl ticked off tho. I 'll never have to come out of the shop now:D

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