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    May 15, 2002
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    Kelowna,British Columbia
    It's been a while, i've been busy.

    The build up and restoration is going slower than I hoped on my 88 Blazer. Frame is done, dana 60 is done, fuel tank and new lines, cab is in primer, door dents repaired and in primer.14ff Just has to be regeared to match dana 60 and installed. Still have alot of work to complete inc engine and trans.
    I just put a bid in on an 86 6.2/700 r4 jimmy, no rust full load new tires.It's an insurance write off. just needs fenders hood and minor frame work. Has a brand new tranny.
    Think I'll drive that until my 88 is finished.
    Would like to sell it after that to finance the engine part of my build up. Would be kind of nice to have one of each GMC-CHEVY GAS-DIESEL DD and a TRAIL RIG.
    We'll see what the wife thinks.

    PureInsanity I just checked my E-mail and saw your mail that you sent back in march. looks like you've come a long way with you're rig it's looking pretty good. The work never ends. I'll post some more pics of my progress at the link below this weekend.

    Guess I'll be hanging out in three forums now with the diesel coming. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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