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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by kyser_soze, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Cops just doing their jobs getting fired for pissing off city council members. Small town schit.

    'We hoped for the best, but we expected it. We will just have to see them in court.'
    Terry Hammontree, vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 42
    City leaders fired four members of the Edwardsville Police Department, a move union officials claimed was retaliation for cooperating in an investigation into alleged DUI ticket-fixing.
    The firings were the latest development since news of the investigation broke in April. A police major was fired in May and the police chief and a council member were charged in Wyandotte County District Court in July.
    City officials denied that this week's firings had anything to do with the ticket-fixing investigation.
    Council members met in private Monday to discuss personnel and legal matters. After returning to public session, they voted to fire Maj. Alvin Doty, Officers Erik Sage and Robert Rome and secretary Melynda Harbour.
    The vote was unanimous for Doty and Sage, while it was 4-1 in the case of Rome and 3-1 on Harbour.
    Councilman Patrick Isenhour cast the dissenting votes.
    Councilman Bob Lane, who faces felony charges stemming from the ticket-fixing investigation, voted to fire the three police officers. He abstained on Harbour.
    No reasons were given for the dismissals.
    Terry Hammontree, vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 42, said the firings didn't surprise him or union members.
    'We expected it,' he said. 'We hoped for the best, but we expected it. We will just have to see them in court.'
    The union says it complained to the council in January that it had discovered evidence that some elected leaders and members of the Police Department had been fixing tickets.
    When the city didn't respond to its letters, the union filed complaints with Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline's office in February.
    Interim Chief Lloyd Beth on Tuesday denied the union's allegations that the firings were a form of retaliation.
    'This was not retaliation to anybody for anything (regarding the investigation),' Beth said. 'I have given as much or more information for the investigation as anybody involved. That had no bearing at all on any of the terminations.'
    Beth said he could not comment on the reason he recommended the firings, saying it involved personnel issues.
    The recent firings leave the department with 16 officers, Beth said. The firings will not affect the department's ability to protect residents of Edwardsville, he said.
    Jeff Cheek was the police major fired in May and his attorney alleged that it was done to intimidate him and other city employees from cooperating with the attorney general's investigation.
    Cheek has since filed a federal lawsuit, claiming he was fired for his role in the investigation.
    Kline charged Police Chief Steve Vaughan with two misdemeanor counts of official misconduct and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to commit misconduct.
    Kline also charged Lane with felony counts of bribery and aggravated intimidation of a witness, as well as misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit official misconduct and compounding of a crime.
    Lane, a veteran Kansas City, Kan., police officer, remains on unpaid leave, a spokeswoman for the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department said Tuesday.
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    That small town drama crap is normal everywhere. That's what you get with a bunch of over inflated egos who have never learned that minding their own business is good business. I'm just glad I'm a county employee cause that gives me so much leverage when telling people that I don't handle city business when they bug me at home.......................:D
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    I'm not sure I understand you, are you saying that nobody should pay attention to people who fix DUI tickets, or that it's not a cops job to do it?
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    That kind of crap unfortunately goes on here too, but it's in the schoolboard where the corruption is (snake of a superintendent woman who's got 90% of the school parents and faculty raging mad at her, and she actually loves it, and doing even more illegal stuff and cranking up the intimidation of others to protect herself as a result). Bubba, you ever heard of this going so far as where the corrupt local officials resort to criminal strongarm tactics (i.e. hiring somebody to vandalize somebody else's property or having the hired person physically attack and assault somebody, etc.) to keep an investigation from moving forward or to intimidate others? I've heard about it, but I'm just wondering if it's real.

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