just got back online from reassemblng my puter

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    puter nerds on board my find this somewhat interesting or funny maybe:

    hmm well i found a nice 700mhz K7 series AMD slot A processor and so i went and grabbed my old gateway slot A Kadoka motherboard and installed it in this toqwer with the above CPU and well its black screen when you turn it on, but fans and everything working. so hmm....
    this is the MB that was in the tower that i took outside last fall and slamed repeatedly a few times on the sidewalk out front across the way from here,
    anyways, a couple months ago i went to try to make the slot A CPU that was on the Kadoka MB work on this old celeron 400 slot 1 MB and damn it would have worked but the way i had to modify it required no heatsink or case because the slot A is reversed from slot 1, but it woul have worked til it inevitably burned up, i imagine. so i canceled that "project" and lost all the CPU parts since then, it was a 650 AMD slot A

    so i guess it damaged the Kadoka motherboard somehow, hmm.. or im overlooking something, dunno, i cannot find a single flaw or cause as to why it wont boot to even bios, so i gave up and put my celeron 400 all back in this tower. and now im back without a hitch

    so i guess i should find a good slot A motherboard soemwhere somehow,. AMd slot A is a HUGE difference in performance from this slot 1 celeron 400, i miiss it.. i dont play online games or anything liek that, i just roam around the internet doing online searches and posting and such, the celeron board is a compaq from the late 90's and it only has two RAM card slots, its horrible. but not as bad as the pentium 1 200mhx processor i have stashed away. heh. its got the old double stacked smaller MB and ram thats nothing like modern ram nowadays.


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