Just got my lift in the mail, few ?'s......

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    Just got my lift in the mail, few ?\'s......

    1st. I got the 6" tuff country springs up front and 2" in the rear with the ORD flip. My rear spring packs have the overload spring would it help if i took it out what i mean is more flex and better for off road? 2nd. Which way do the front springs go (in i have not taken the old ones off yet to see) but there is bushings in both ends but one is allot bigger than the other, does the bigger one go up front? and last but not least 3rd. Ok on my rear springs, i had them sitting on top of some saw horses on the flat helper springs, the ends were both squared off but the one end sat higher then the other spring next to it but at the other end it was just the opposite as the front (end get my point?) so if i was to switch the 1 spring around they would both sit at the same height, so there is a certain degree on them? if so how do the go in?

    Sorry for the long post thanks allot!!!!!

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