Just need to know about tiers and a winch I came across

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    The winch is a ramsey model 2000 12 and I believe the it is rated at 8000 pounds. It looks like the kind you see on flat bed. The tiers are for 36" hummer . Four are new and there is two used ones that are in decent shape. Rims are 4 old steel america racing rims that came off a 8 luge dodge and he said they fit my 1 ton chevy. He wants 550 for all of it. What are the pros and cons of tiers like this? How are the tiers for the mud and how bad are they on the street? Any information on any of this would be very appreciated.

    Thanks a lot

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    The tires are bias ply. Ask around for pro's and con's of bias and radial tires.
    Me personally will and always have stuck to radial tires.

    The winch is a worm-driven gear type. They are good winches, but I have heard too much problems with those types. I mean these "flat bed" types of winches, not the fancy ones on the bumpers, etc.
    Here in my town, many farmers have this type of winch on the back of their flatbeds. Most of them are broken down in some way.

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