just ordered 33" Dualer A/T's

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    just ordered 33\" Dualer A/T\'s

    Well...I did it. I ordered Bridgestone 33" A/T's for my stock 88 Blazer. I posted last week asking what size tires my truck would handle on stock rims and no lift.

    I also read a post where someone said they had poor performance from bridgestone M/T's so I went with the A/T's. The tread is the most aggressive of any A/T I checked out and has a 50,000 mile warranty.

    I took of the full runningboards over the weekend too. Hopefully all will fit ok.

    There's a website called 'tirenet' where you can order tires at substantial discount. This company finds the lowest price nationwide for you. But, they don't deal with Goodrich's because there is a fixed price everywhere on these.

    I got these A/T's for under $500. delivered.

    Now, I have to find someone to mount them.


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