just when i think i'm done...

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by arq, May 17, 2002.

  1. arq

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    Jan 17, 2001
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    just when i think i\'m done...

    i hate it when the blaze is down. been tring to bring it back to life for the past month or so. only really got fridays to work on it so i make a list of the stuff i need and do all i can on that one day, then i find more stuff to put on it. anyone going through this. it's killing me...

    anyhow on the good side. got my hyd clutch linkage in, replaced a broken exh manifold and filled up the Xcase and 465 and a bunch of other unsignificant stuff like cut the 4ft lawn/weeds. pay some bills and stuff like that.

  2. 69K5

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    Nov 10, 2001
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    Monroe, LA
    Re: just when i think i\'m done...

    I know exactly what you mean. Everytime i do one project i find ten more that I need to do. Usually i find at least 2 that i need to do before i can finish the original project

  3. trukman1

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    Re: just when i think i\'m done...

    As long as you own it, how can you ever think it's done? My trucks have only been finished when I sold them and lo and behold, the new owner never was done till he, too, sold the truck. Bottom line, they're NEVER done! We just sometimes get them to a state of "good enough for right now" (temporarily!). Gary
  4. Skyetone

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    Apr 10, 2002
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    SLC Utah
    Re: just when i think i\'m done...

    trukman I LOVE the sig...
    I just got a 70 for 200$ minus the motor had a lift and bad tranz. Got te tranz rebuilt, got a JY motor I have been putting together, now I have a roll bar, redoing the wiring(stereo geeks /forums/images/icons/frown.gif ) , got a 4core radiator that now needs to fit, rear disk brakes again, redid the rear leaf packs, lets see... oh it's been two weeks for working on it after work and weekends.
    Feel better? /forums/images/icons/smile.gif just another day in the life for me....
  5. chulisohombre

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    Apr 11, 2002
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    Re: just when i think i\'m done...

    i dont think my truck will ever be done.just when you think your close to done you decide on something else or what usually happens to me,you break something.then its either replace or upgrade to stronger stuff and hope that will last while your trying to get the rest together

    K10ANDYKHAMNIC 1/2 ton status

    Sep 17, 2001
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    Western CO
    Re: just when i think i\'m done...

    heheehehe i know what u mean , mine is still kinda down for now cuz that sealant i used was no good and now t case leaks like a sieve , and other stuff .....

    72GMCJIMMY 1/2 ton status

    Mar 17, 2001
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    Re: just when i think i\'m done...

    My Jimmy has been down since Nov 01. I decided to convert to a four speed. I sold the TH 350. I let the buyer test drive it, then pulled it for them. That was the Weekend before Thanksgiving. One thing lead to another. I Hope to have her on the road by my BD the end of May. She won't be finished, next comes the body and paint.
    This is what I've done so far:
    Prime and paint Frame, springs and differentials.
    Undercoat entire body.
    Used 1969 chevy inner fender (driver side)
    New Goodwrench 350 CI.- 260 HP
    New motor mounts
    New harmonic balancer
    New Hedman Headers
    New header AC bracket
    Rebuilt HEI Distributor
    New Beldon plug wires
    New platinum plugs
    New starter
    New water pump
    New thermal clutch fan
    New fuel pump
    Rebuilt Power steering pump
    New power steering pressure and return lines
    New heater hoses
    New radiator hoses
    New thermostat
    Used 69 chevy cast iron bell housing
    Used bell housing dust cover
    Used 168 tooth flywheel (resurfaced)
    New 11 inch clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bushing.
    Used 1980 SM 465 Four speed transmission, transmission adapter and transfer case.
    New seals and gaskets in transmission, transmission adapter and transfer case.
    New transmission / transfer case sleeve coupler.
    Install 1972 output shafts in transfer case.
    Speedy sleeves on output yokes.
    New poly transfer case mounts.
    Used 1969 clutch pedal and through fire wall linkage rod
    New clutch rod boot.
    New clutch pedal pad.
    Used 1969 cast iron throw out fork.
    New linkage push rod, swivel and clips
    Fabricate clutch linkage bell crank, block and frame mount.
    New Master brake cylinder.
    New brake booster check valve
    New rear wheel brake cylinders.
    New rear brake shoes.
    New front brake pads.
    New rear axle seals.
    New rear brake drum. (one)
    Used 1974 rear axle shaft. (one)
    Used Lock Right differential Locker.
    New sway bar poly bushings.
    Fabricate sway bar frame mounts.
    Weld small frame crack.
    New body mounts, bolts and sleeves.
    New Radiator core mounts, bolts and sleeves.
    New radiator support pads (lower)
    Rebuilt tilt steering column (standard shift)
    New steering shaft coupler. (rag joint)
    New fire wall steering column seal and retainer
    New Grant steering Wheel (after market).
    New fender seals.
    New poly leaf spring bushings (two)
    New shifter floor seal and boot.
    Weld crack and broken vent tube on 38 gal. fuel tank.
    New fuel tank sending unit.
    New fuel tank fill, fuel and vacuum lines.
    Used 1970 chevy battery box.
    Weld AC bracket to Battery box.

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