Kayline is going out of business

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    Don't know if this is old news or not, but I did a quick search and didn't find anything about it recently. Here's what they told me:

    "I think that your idea has merit. However, I really don't know what the
    cost would be. The channel would have to be made of a heavier gauge
    material than the current channel and there would be some costs involved
    with the weather strip. We do have s design for the late Blazer for a cab
    curtain/tonneau cover combination which mounts to our fasttrac hardware.
    You can see a picture of it on the new products page of our web site @

    However, I regret to inform you that we ceased all production as of Jan. 31,
    as we have exhausted our working capital and can no longer stay in business.
    We are looking for a buyer for the assets of the company and have several
    interested parties. We hope to have a buyer soon. I believe that a new
    owner will produce these tops and probably under our name, but nothing is
    certain at this time.

    Thank you for your idea.


    Blake T. Robinson
    Kayline Mfg., Inc."

    BTW, if you wondered what my idea was, here is the majority of my letter:

    "As an engineer I have been amazed at the stupidity of having to drill holes in the sheet metal of a perfectly good truck, just to put a soft top on where there are already mounting features for a hard top. I have been very glad lately, to see some decent designs coming from your company and some of your competitors (i.e. Skyler) where the existing mounting features are used to mount tracks on which the soft-top mounts. However, to my knowledge, there is still no production top that does not require permanently mounting stuff to the tailgate. You ask us to drill holes in the tailgate and Skyler corp. wants us to drive around with a big piece of Velcro stuck on the back. How can either of these look good if we throw the hard-top back on? (Sorry to say, though, that the velcro wouldn't look as bad as the channel and would probably be removeable later on without any real damage to the tailgate.) Blazer (and most every other 80's truck) tailgates rust at a frantic pace in areas that use road salt as it is. Everybody up here knows that the last thing you want to do is add holes.

    Why can't you just make a channel that goes over the top of the tailgate? It would tie into the mounting bolts over the bedrails where the side tracks are mounted, so it would be a kind of shallow "U" shape. The bottom of the channel would just have a piece of thick, flexible weatherstripping like a piece of door seal on the bottom, that seals the bottom of the channel to the tailgate just behind the rear window opening. This would require zero modifications to the truck, just the normal installation time. It may also be possible to allow the tailgate to be opened after just unzipping part of the window or undoing a few snaps to reach in a grab the handle. With the current design, the whole back of the top would have to be disconnected.

    It would also be good to make a "tonneau cover" style soft top for Blazers and Broncos that mounts to the same track system. It would just need one window (behind the cab) and some simple bows to hold the top up in a convex position. Then for maybe just a couple hundred more dollars, owners could have an option for a whole different look sometimes.

    Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think of my ideas."

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    Sorry to say...old news.[​IMG]
    I liked your idea if that makes you feel any better.[​IMG]


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