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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by iceman, Jan 16, 2001.

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    I am at a point in my project that doing the T-case upgrade/doubler is next. I am trying to make an informed decission based on parts on hand, cost, and final gear reduction. How does the Klune V compare and vise versa? I am running a 700 R 4 infront of whatever I do, a 205 or a 208 final T-case, axels are 4.55. Please let me know apples to apples.
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    FYI, the torque rating capacity for the V, is not up to a 5-6K lbs. vehicle
    It will not last long if you are near max. torque in you application.
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    it really depends on witch model you get. The "david" is 4 something:1 ratio, and the "golith" is 2.73:1. The golith is what Collin (Quinne?) of Four Wheeler has in his 78 pickup. He runs a 355hp 350cid SM465 in front of the Klune V unit. The Klune product is activated by a cable and depending what applicaton it is its own adaptor, but for the GM apps it dose require an adaptor. I like the ORD doubler because its just the 203 range box and a heavy duty adaptor. factory bearings and gears. if you need to replace innerds than you can usually find someone to give a NP203. Finally cost, with the ORD doubler cost will be around 1500.00 that includes new HD drive shafts, finding the t-cases and rebuild them (if you do the work yourself). The Klune V unit (I think) starts around 1700.00 just for the unit, then new shafts. I think the Klune V unit best suited to those vehicals where it replaces the factory adaptor and only minir drive shafts mods are needed. Some of those are jeeps, scouts, susukis, and early Broncos
    UPDATE this from the Klune V site
    “Goliath” Model Planetary Gear Driven Underdrive

    Includes mount and choice of cable operated or direct lever shifter.

    Available with 21,23,27,31,32 and 6 spline input

    Available with 21,23,27,28,31,32,6 spline male and 10 spline female output

    Ratio: 1 to 1 high range; 2.7 to 1 low range

    Rated at 1300 ft/lbs. torque input, 3510 ft/lbs. out in low range

    Rated in excess of 4000 ft/lbs. torque in high range

    Length 6.5” (In Some T-case applications a spacer or adapter may be needed)

    Weight 40 Lbs.
    NP205 Chevy 71-79 Adapter plate

    Specify 10 spline male or 32 spline female input. 27 spline male input will require changing to 27 or 10 spline.
    Transmission Part # Adapter Length Output Spline Price
    GM SM465 4 SPD 4WD 10 SPL 50-9808 5.25" 23 $526
    GM T350 2 WD & 4 WD 27 SPL 50-6802 1.50" 23 $478
    GM T400 2 WD & 4 WD 32 SPL 50-6402 1.20" 23 $478
    GM T400 2 WD & 4 WD 32 SPL 50-6402 4.50" 23 $478
    GM T400 2 WD & 4 WD 32 SPL 50-6402 4.50" 23 $478
    GM 4L80 & 4L80E 2 WD & 4 WD 32 SPL 50-0401 4.50" 23 $512

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    Rated at 1300 ft lbs input torque?? Hmmm, lets see, a decent V8 will put out 300 ft lbs, times say a 6.55:1 ratio SM465 trans which equals 1965 ft lbs input torque from the 465, which is what the Klune will see. That would make for a pretty spectacular and expensive grenade going off under your rig!!!

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    Compare cost very carefully, you'll have to have an adapter to get to the K-V, then an adapter housing to get to the 205. With the Doubler, the 203 is ready to bolt to most trannies. And our adapter mounts it to the 205.
    Gear wise, the K-V is lower at 2.72, Doubler is 2:1. Either way you're doing pretty well.
    strength wise, we really don't have a tire size or hp limit. If the 205 will take it, then so will everything else.
    Price, Doubler is quite a bit cheaper, if you have good part scrounging ability. If you don't scrounge parts, we can set you up with the 203, 205 and Doubler kit for about $2200.00. I think the K-V along with the required adapters runs about that much.

    That's what I know. Don't have any experience with the K-V units, but they seem to be well built. Can't really say much else here, just look at the pros and cons. Everybody here is welcome to throw in their input.


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