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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by adamforsythe, May 30, 2005.

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    It all started when my step-dad bought a truck off from one of his working partners dads. The truck is a 2000 1500 4x4 dodge with the 360 engine 136,000 miles. He bought it for $6500. Well he put a $3500 dollar down payment on it ( HALF ). Then he had to skip a week of payments the he put $1000 on the truck the next week. Well the next weekend my step-dad and I where at the show room (We are tile setters) getting paid. Well the guy walks out side and says give me a payment next Monday. Well my step dad says I will give you a payment now. He gave him a $500 check because money was kind of tight. Well the guy drops the check and tell my step-dad not to f%^k with him. Well they get into a F&%k you F%^K you argument. Well about 3 days later we are going to a job site and the truck is shacking a little. Well we get to the job site and we forgot something. So I headed back to the house to get the tools we needed. While I am there something told me to grab the cell phone so I did. Well I am heading back to the job site and the truck is acting funny. Well I get my the local High school and it sounds like there is a bear growling under the truck. I am going about 70MPH while in a 55 zone :doah: just then I fell the truck shift and drop. So I slowed right down to 35 and it sounds and felt like the gears in the axle where grinding. So I pulled over and stopped. I was in a bad spot so I had to move the truck but when I would the truck would shack and it felt like my axle was grinding. I look out the window at the back tire and found my problem. NON of the studs where in the holes. The brake drum was resting on the rim. Now I wonder how this happen? :mad:

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