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    American Land Rights Association - Land Rights Network
    PO Box 400 - Battle Ground WA 98604
    Phone: 360-687-3087 - Fax: 360-687-2973 - Email: <> -
    Legislative Office: Mike Hardiman - 508 First St SE - Washington DC 20003
    Phone: 202-251-3473 - Fax: 202-543-7126 - Email:

    Last Gasp for the Land Grabbers?

    See the FINAL List Of Traitors Below


    Yesterday, the latest tactic to pass the CARA pork barrel land grab was
    revealed. 64 Senators sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott
    demanding that the CARA land grab be brought to the Senate floor for a vote.
    64 sounds like a lot of Senators, but the effort is expected to be a failure.

    The first reason is the Magnificent Seven fighters for your property rights,
    who have threatened to filibuster and make all efforts to stop CARA. They are
    Senators Slade Gorton (WA), Conrad Burns (MT), Larry Craig (ID), Pete Domenici
    (NM), Ben Nighthorse Campbell (CO), Craig Thomas (WY), and Don Nickles (OK).
    Please call and THANK them.

    The other reason is that the 64 who signed the letter don't really agree on
    what verson of CARA they like. Some are leftwing land grabbers, like Sen.
    Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Others are facing re-election and pandering to the
    enviro crowd at your expense, like Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH). Many just want to
    stuff their faces with pork barrel cash, like Sen. Frank Murkowski (R-AK) and
    John Breaux (D-LA).

    Many Senators support the idea of soccer fields and recreation. But they also
    oppose condemning your home or private property to do it. The DeWine letter
    generally supports CARA but doesn't mention any of the controversial areas.
    So a Senator signing on does not mean that he or she would vote for CARA.

    We are fighting this land grab for the right reasons - to save our towns, our
    property and our way of life. CARA supporters want the bill for all the wrong
    reasons - to condemn private property, pander to the greens, and stuff their
    faces with pork.

    The tide is turning, we may be winning. We are outnumbered, but we are
    You are speaking out for the right reasons, and that is becoming more clear.
    Please call your Senator and tell him - NO CARA, NO LAND GRAB,


    CARA Advocates Have 64 Signatures On The DeWine Letter - But Fortunately They
    Don't Agree About What Goes In The Final Bill.

    Your Calls Can Stop Them From Forcing A Vote - Your Calls Can Stop The Sneak
    Attack in the "dark-of-nite".

    You Only Have Three Weeks Left To Fight

    Give It Ten Minutes A Day

    No Calls Will Mean A Lifetime Of Regret

    Your Family's Future Is Worth 10 Minutes A Day


    -----Be sure to call the Senators WHO DID NOT SIGN AS WELL AS THOSE THAT

    -----You now know who the TRAITORS are who signed the letter. You need to
    bring a wall of phone calls down around them. Their phones must not stop
    ringing. They sold you out. Tell them NO CARA, NO LAND GRAB.. If he or she
    did sign, tell him he is selling out landowners.

    -----Tell him that $45 billion for CARA means that much less money for
    social security, national defense, medical research, tax cuts, or reducing

    the national debt. Tell him it means condemnation of private land on a
    massive scale. Don't believe him if you are told otherwise. The Senate
    and House committees voted down "willing seller" amendments time after

    -----It is important to call every Senator. Don't give up, even on someone
    like Barbara Boxer (D-CA) or Diane Feinstein (D-CA). The key is to create
    CONTROVERSY. The more calls they get, the further down CARA GOES ON THEIR

    -----So even if you don't think you have a chance with your Senator, that call
    can really makes a difference. The more controversy, the better chance the
    bill has of NOT being added to a last minute money bill in a dark-of-nite

    -----Call your Senators at (800) 648-3516 (FREE) or (202) 224-3121. Even
    though they got 64 Senators to sign the letter, it was a generalized letter.
    There is major disagreement over which Senators support what programs. The
    states are treated so unequally, that Alaska gets $266 per person, Louisiana
    gets $70 a person while the average state gets only $11 per person.

    -----Point out to your Senator how unequal CARA treats you. Your calls will
    keep them from getting the moral imperative for Senate leaders to add CARA to
    a last minute appropriations bill. Your calls to CARA opponents will
    embolden them to fight harder. Don't take any Senator for granted.

    Strange things happen in the last day of Congress. Make those calls.

    -----Call your Senators every day until September 29th. TEN MINUTES A DAY to
    save your property rights, Federal land use and future are worth it.

    Here are the 64 Senators who caved in to the land grabbing, pork barrel
    pigs and signed the letter endorsing CARA:

    DEMOCRATS-YES--Did sign--(41):
    Akaka HI
    Baucus MT
    Bayh IN
    Biden DE
    Bingaman NM
    Boxer CA
    Breaux LA
    Bryan NV
    Cleland GA
    Conrad ND
    Dodd CT
    Dorgan ND
    Durbin IL
    Edwards NC
    Feingold WI
    Feinstein CA
    Graham FL
    Hollings SC
    Johnson, T.SD
    Kennedy MA
    Kerrey NE
    Kerry MA
    Kohl WI
    Landrieu LA
    Lautenberg NJ
    Leahy VT
    Lieberman CT
    Lincoln AR
    Mikulski MD
    Miller GA
    Moynihan NY
    Murray WA
    Reed RI
    Reid NV
    Robb VA
    Sarbanes MD
    Schumer NY
    Torricelli NJ
    Wellstone MN
    Wyden OR

    REPUBLICANS-YES--Did sign--(23):
    Abraham MI
    ******Ashcroft MO
    Bond MO
    Bunning KY
    Chafee RI
    Cochran MS
    DeWine OH
    Fitzgerald IL
    Frist TN
    Grassley IA
    Gregg NH
    Jeffords VT
    Lugar IN
    McConnell KY
    Murkowski AK
    Roberts KS
    Roth DE
    Sessions AL
    Smith, Bob. NH
    ****Smith, Gordon. OR
    Specter PA
    Thurmond SC
    Warner VA

    DEMOCRATS--NO--Did NOT sign--(5):
    Byrd WV
    *Daschle SD
    Harkin IA
    Inouye HI
    Levin MI

    REPUBLICANS-NO--Did NOT sign--(31):
    Allard CO
    Bennett UT
    Brownback KS
    Burns MT
    Campbell CO
    Collins ME
    Craig ID
    Crapo ID
    Domenici NM
    Enzi WY
    Gorton WA
    Gramm TX
    Grams MN
    Hagel NE
    Hatch UT
    Helms NC
    Hutchinson AR
    Hutchison TX
    Inhofe OK
    Kyl AZ
    *Lott MS
    Mack FL
    McCain AZ
    Nickles OK
    Santorum PA
    Shelby AL
    Snowe ME
    Stevens AK
    Thomas WY
    Thompson TN
    Voinovich OH

    *Senators Lott and Daschle both support CARA. However, they did not sign the
    letter because it was addressed to them as Majority and Minority Leader of the

    ******Missouri Senator John Ashcroft faces a difficult re-election, and
    decided to pander to environmentalists and liberals by signing this letter.
    However, two weeks ago, he decided to criticize CARA in a letter to Eco-logic,
    the magazine published by Henry Lamb of the Environmental Conservation
    Organization. Senator Ashcroft is talking out of both sides of his mouth, and
    cannot be trusted. "I can assure you that I will not support a bill that does
    not have adequate protections for landowners." - John Ashcroft, September 1,
    2000, Eco-logic magazine.

    Then, flip-flop - "I appreciate your support of CARA and look forward
    to working with you." - John Ashcroft, letter to Sen. Trent Lott, September
    18, 2000. Actions speak louder than words. When it is time for action, John
    Ashcroft has SOLD YOU OUT by cosponsoring CARA, and then signing a letter
    demanding that it be brought up for a vote.

    ****Notice that Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) again was the only Western
    Republican to sell out his constituents.

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>

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