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    Hello Fellow K-5'ers! :laugh:

    I joined this site a short time ago to find parts for my 1985 GMC Jimmy, and have met some really good people, albiet on-line only so far. In fact, I am picking up seats from a fellow K-5 member tomorrow, and sold the seats I have through another one! I have some product to get rid off for the company that I work for, and thought I would try to pass on the savings to all of you. :grin:

    To give you a brief history, my name is Gary Dory, and I am the Service Manager for Gaynors Automotive in the downtown Vancouver location. For awhile, there was a performance shop here called Wide Open Performance & Offroad, that has since moved and been bought out by one of the original employees. The reason that he bought the company was that he purchased a 2000 horsepower in-ground chassis dyno and wanted to have full control of the shop, and be able to focus on custom tuning (blowers, custom chips, etc).

    The point to all of this is I have now been charged with the job of getting rid of some remaining inventory that the new owner didn't want. The only items that I thought might be applicable to the K-5 members were some off road lights, and I have been told to "get them outta here" by the boss.

    KC Hilites
    #739 5 X 7 Longrange in chrome (X1) $96.60
    #517 Back-Up flood light kit (X2) $73.91
    #237 6" daylighter in chrome (X1) $93.88
    #238 6" daylighter in black (X2) $93.88

    #75804 Black Magic Driving Lights (X1) $231.70

    #550 8" Plasma Ion Yellow (X2) $367.55
    #1100X Platinum Series Driving Light (X1) $181.71
    #1400 High Performance "Dichroic" Driving Light (X1) $170.13
    #P-3000 Xtreme Tri-Beam System (X1) $296.96

    I will admit that these are not 1/2 price deals. I have checked some other online sources, and with tax, the prices come out to be only slightly less than other sources I have found when you include shipping. But, like I said earlier, I am just trying to get rid of stuff that we didn't want to have in the first place (we wanted the new owner to take the inventory). If the prices are too far out of the ballpark, let me know. I have checked a few local sources though, and without going mail order, these are decent deals.

    All of the above parts are complete, new in box, kits. They come with whatever switches, harnesses, etc that the manufacturer offers. I would recommend that you take a look at each manufacturer's websites to see exactly what comes in the kit, or feel free to stop by. We are located @ 1416 Broadway, right on the the corner of Mill Plain and Brodway (Mill Plain actually turns into 15th at our intersection) and I am here from 7-5 Monday through Friday. Feel free to call me as well, 360-906-8000.

    We also have several replacment bulbs (PIAA, KC, and Sylvania), one "Painless Wiring" #70107 circuit isolator, some hitch plugs, quite a few trailer balls, some "convert-a-balls", and three stingers (one 10" drop in chrome, two standard drops in black), some gauges, etc that I really just need to move.

    Now here is the fine print :blush: .....These are products that the company owns, so all sales are final, I can't do any "horse-trading" for any of the items, and if you want something specific that I dont have, I have to charge accordingly. All prices are plus Washington State sales tax, unless you have a vaild Orgeon Drivers License or ID. These prices are to get rid of these items, we will not be restocking any aftermarket parts, and anything I have to order, I have to make my profit margins, because I dont own the company.

    Thanks for taking a look, and I hope that some members can find something they want. As I said earlier, I am a registered K-5 member and check my mail all day. Take care.
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