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Discussion in 'Land Use' started by Grim-Reaper, Sep 8, 2002.

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    Originaly this was billed as "Showdown in GA" It grew way beyond that. It was held yesterday (Sept 7) and we cleaned up two ORVs for a grand totaly of about 28 MILES of trail. We ended up getting all the Atlanta clubs under Southern ( www.sfwda.org ) involved. We showed up at Amicola Falls State park and the ajoining Anderson Creek ORV and overwhelmed the FS with shear numbers.
    Here is the flyer for the event.

    I don't want to leave a link down to the website of the local club BBS out of fear of killing them on Bandwidth so I'm just going to cut and paste some of the information off of it.
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    * We turned out approximately 110 people. At an average of 8 hours of work per person (I KNOW some people did a LOT more) that's a total of 880 man-hours of work done. If we look at a person doing that work full time (40/hrs a week, that's 5.5 MONTHS worth of WORK).

    * If every person spent $20 (not hard to do, and I know MANY people were in the 100's), that's $2200 in matching funds. Guys, do NOT forget we have to count what was paid for the BBQ dinner too!!! We're probably talking in excess of $3-5K by the time it's all totaled.

    * We cleaned 12+ miles of trail at Rich Mountain, and well over the official 14 miles at Amicalola. By the time we're all said and done, we've done WELL over 30 miles of trail!

    * We collected enough trash to completely FILL a full-sized dumptruck (so full, it could not be emptied as normal. In addition to that we had 2 full utility trailers, several flat-beds, and a K-5. That's just went to the dump, not counting the "incidentals" that were in individual vehicles. For those who didn't get a chance to make it to the dump, it was a sight to behold. We filled nearly 2 HUGE trash containers (the size of a semi-trailer).

    * Some of the more "unusual" items we took to the dump today were: 2 VW bugs, a couch, a recliner, a couple of washing machines, a stove, a refridgerator, various 55 gallon drums, several other household appliances, and enough beercans/bottles to keep Budwiser in business for about 6 months.

    * If we average a minimum of 150 miles per vehicle (figure 50 vehicles, but I KNOW many travelled farther than that), round trip, for the day that's over 9,000 vehicle miles travelled today.

    I ask you, what other community could pull this kind of effort off with just over a month worth of planning? I believe it is a firm statement of our commitment to our sport, the environment, and to the general rugged individualism of our community that this happened at all, much less on such a grand and wonderful scale.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Now that's some serious numbers and turn out.
    I would love to hear more stories from other regions about simular events and hear more of these sort of events come together.
    Ohhh the K5 mentioned belonged to BigJBear. If it had a hard top on it it would have been filled to the roof. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
    The Dump truck was a BIG one. 10 wheeler stood about 12ft tall. About as big as they get without being the big pull behind the semi deals. The use of the truck was donated by a local grading and hauling company. The local 4x4 shop 4wheel parts center owner Kevin StAmant (not the big chain place that came in here downing this guy promising all this club suport and none has never surface. This is the little guy that never fails to give our local clubs suport and why many of use avoid using the chain and favor him...not to mention his prices are usualy better) Fed us a great BBQ dinner. He also drove around to all the work crews lending a hand , passing out cold water and Ice Cream. Yes ICE CREAM stored in a pair of ARB 12v fridge/freezers.
    COME ON FOLKS get something going like this on your local ORV's
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    Its good to hear that ya'll did so much for the trails up in the mountains. Sad to say that most four wheelers don't cause most of the problems associated with the trails and put so much work into them. Did ya'll happen to get any picks of the dump truck full of trash? keep up the good work /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
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    that is fawking awesome i love seeing posts like this shows we (offroaders) do care about the land /forums/images/icons/smile.gif great job you all should get a well deserved pat on the back /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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