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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by broc944, May 22, 2006.

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    So today I was in the shop, and the boss's wife comes up to me. I am thinking she has some problem about something which I do not want to hear about. Instead she gives me a 100 dollar check. Seems no one had a work comp. claim and we all got a kick back. Cool I think, more money for the truck.

    I then get home and decide to go wheeling. I am out in the woods, decide to go to a few places I had trouble with last year. This year I could do much much better. I think to myself how much better the truck is from last year. Maybe, all the time, effort and loads of money I drop into the truck are actually paying off. So I am pretty upbeat with that.

    I decide then to go and climb up a 15-20 bank, which will have the front of my truck hanging out over this old railroad grade that is out in the middle of the woods. I am sitting there listening to the frogs and birds when I notice something walking down the grade. I realize what it is, it's a lone timber wolf walking straight toward me, (I am kicking myself for leaving the camera at home in the docking station charging). The wolf walks about 20 feet from the truck, climbs up the bank and walks behind the truck out into the woods. I do not think it saw me or the truck. It was one of those special moments in nature one rarely experiences. Good days are hard to come by, and this was a good one.
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    will you adopt me for a while?

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