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    Hello guys,

    I'm planning on installing a 4" lift on my daily driver '85; it currently has add-a-leaves all around and 33x12.50r15's. I have a single exhaust with a crossover pipe that crosses below the front driveshaft just in front of the NP208 T'case. I can only eyeball it at this point, but I imagine that lifting the vehicle a few more inches would cause the driveshaft to come dangerously close to, if not actually contact the crossover pipe (it more than likely would under any compression of a 4" suspension I think). Yet I'm not 0 positive.

    Anyway, I have no qualms about modifying that section of the exhaust if it comes to that. So I'm curious as to what y'all with similar setups have done to your crossover pipe. How have you re-routed your exhaust to accomodate a lift? I would like to stay away from a "complete" re-design of my entire exhaust if possible; I'm sure a competent shop could fix me up with a custom setup but I don't think I could afford that at this point.

    (My '78 with 6" susp, 3" body & 40" mudders has headers & dual exhaust so the crossover pipe wasn't a concern)

    Thanks a ton for any tips/info anyone can provide.

    Great, great site! Been lurking for awhile but finally registered today and this is my first post...yippie!

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    Well, if your '85 is set-up the same as my '87, the crossover (Y-pipe) is ahead of the cat. If you have emissions checks in DFW, modifying the crossover is technically illegal, since it is considered emissions equipment (d@mn tree-huggers!). This is an expensive solution, but I know Thorley's Tri-Y headers come with a new crossover and a CARB EO so they're 50-state legal. You can get them with a crossover made specially for lifted Blazers, too. I believe the site is
    Of course, if emissions checks aren't an issue, do what you want and have fun!

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    My 88 K5, 350 TBI, 700r4, np208 & rancho 4" springs with stock front shaft and exhaust clears just fine. Articualtion and all that stuff is no problem.


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