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    OK, here are my lift options that I have been stewing over forever. My rear lift is more or less settled. I am going with my Echobit shackle flip and a 1" eZero rate for a total of approx. 6.5". Now for the front, and remember that I am a college student of a VERY fixed budget, and I have tons of other things I need to purchase to finish up this lift and axle swap. I am going to have an approx 125lb bumper up front housing a MileMarker 12000lb electric winch. My rear bumper will be approx 150lbs and in addition will have a 35" tire mounted to it.

    Option 1:
    Trailmasterm 4" lift springs, with 2" extended shackles (giving 1" of extra lift), and a zero rate.

    Option 2:
    Tuff Country 6" HD lift springs up front with normal shackles.

    Option 3:
    Tuff Country 6" EZ ride lift springs with normal shackles. I talked to Stephen and he said that 6" EZ Rides do exist.

    I can pick up the TrailMaster springs for $100, and this is where the money saving comes into play. The extended shackles vs. the normal shackles are no cost difference to me. The zero rate is very minimal cost to me.

    Thanks for your input,
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    Go with the 6" HD springs and the ORD HD shackles (1/2" longer).

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